Hospice Showcases Brave Hearts


    No matter how old you are, losing someone you love is never easy, but it can especially take a toll on children. Hospice care second annual Brave Hearts event  focused on helping local kids heal from loss.

     Balloons weren’t the only thing released at Munson Williams Thursday afternoon, it was a release of emotion. Hospice care welcomed dozens of local children to face difficult losses in their lives.

” Our staff members came up with the name brave hearts because it does take bravery to get through grief and face the rollercoaster of ups and downs when you lose somebody you love. ” Linda Clark, a grief counselor with hospice care said.

    The program is in its second year partnering with Muson Williams to use art as a form of expression but with each case, theres a story and a different way to approach it.

” We don’t talk about stages of grief anymore, we talk about the journey that people go through. It’s up and down and up and down. It doesn’t get easier with each day you might have two good days and then a sad day, you might have an angry day, you might have a joyful day you might have a distracted day, but its up and down and up and down.” Clark said.

     Officials say the more cases they see the more amazed they become at the bravery shown at such a young age.

       “What we try to do is to empower the children their family members through their grief. So they aren’t only understanding their own grief but they are realizing they can help. they can help their family members cope and help them through it and that they aren’t only the victims, they are the helpers.” Clark said.

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