Herkimer State of the County Address


He’s spent 16 years as a County Legislator, but Bernard Peplinski is now leading Herkimer County as it’s new Chairman. And with one of the most conservative operating budgets in the state, he believes consolidation of services within the county is something that needs to happen.

Bernard Peplinski, Herkimer County Chairman
“The less population you have, the less tax base you have. And if you still maintain those same services, there goes the cost.”

After the groundbreaking of Heidelberg Bakery at the Route 5s Business Park in Frankfort, more calls are being made for the other parks in the County.

Vincent “Jim” Bono, of the Herkimer County Legislature adds, “In the Schuyler Business park, we’re looking to either extend the sewer lines there or put in our own plant. Those plans are well on their way. It could develop into huge potential for the region. Our Manheim Business Park also had a gas manufacturer of a bottled gas in a very close proximity to there. So it’s one step at a time and slow and steady wins the race.”

But when open for questions..The age old debate continues in Herkimer.

“‘I’ve been with the legislature 16 years, the question I get asked the most is where are you going to build the jail?”

By appealing the State Supreme Court Decision, the village of Herkimer loses $64,000 dollars per year, but if the village were to take the P&C Site off the tax rolls, would only lose $5,000. 

“You also have an economic impact too, we have employees that come into that correctional facility that spend money in that community everyday. And it’s a polluted piece of property that the county is willing to clean up. 
This legislator is always willing to listen to some type of agreement that we can come to.”

In collaboration with the Village and Herkimer county, the Herkimer Area Resource Center announced today that it will be building a new outdoor recreation center near Route 28 and East German Street that is expected to be open by Fall 2016. 

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