Herkimer, Mohawk, and Ilion CSD one step closer to merging

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Herkimer, Mohawk, and Ilion Central School Districts are now one step closer to merging.

But there’s still one more step before it’s final.

The vote will now go to a binding vote on October 18th.

Not only does the October vote decide the fate of the merger, but the future of all three school districts.

“If only one or two pass the measure, and the other one or two school districts defeat the measures, then what happens is that all three districts can do nothing for one year and one day,” said Ilion Superintendent, Cosimo Tangorra.

Tangorra says there won’t be any more public forums for the proposal.

He says the binding vote is all in the control of the State Education Department.

“We will take our director directly from them. We will say what they tell us to say and we will not say anything else,” said Tangorra.

While the State Education Department is now running the show, Tangorra has an important message for residents.

“Although their vote certainly did count last night, in order to move this process forward, they must come out and excersice their democratic right on the 18th,” he said.

He says he hopes to see as many people out for the binding vote as there were for the straw vote.

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