Herkimer County residents urged to take broadband assessment survey


HERKIMER COUNTY, N.Y. (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY-TV) — The Mohawk Valley Development District is asking residents of Herkimer County to take part in an online broadband survey that will help improve the regions internet access and will set the basis for securing federal and state funding

“An in-depth study that will tell us everything about broadband in both counties it’ll map it out where it is where it isn’t and where it is they’ll map out the strengths and weaknesses is it up to speed what is the speed what type of lines do they use when was it last updated?” – Vincent Bono, Chairman of Herkimer County Legislature

COVID-19 highlighted the need for broadband infrastructure throughout the state and shed light on the struggle’s rural communities face with a lack of broadband access.

“It’s small in population about 62,000 people but it’s very large area wise so it’s about 100 miles long and 40 miles wide in places and its very rural so that was creating a problem not just on a personal end but on the business end.” – Vincent Bono, Chairman of Herkimer County Legislature 

The information collected from the survey is anonymous and residents have until August 7th to participate. 

“For a small county like us it’s definitely going to help us tremendously in letting us know where our resources can be diverted or should be diverted to.” – Vincent Bono, Chairman of Herkimer County Legislature 

For those interested in taking part in the survey you can go to www.mveddbroadband.com

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