Herkimer County Jail Complete


Back in the late 1990’s, Herkimer County was commissioned to build a new jail by mandates and overcrowding of the facility. With that started the process of trying to site a jail. For about 20 years that process continued. You know we had some hick-ups along the way with some lawsuits and things of that sort and the siting aspect of it alone. We looked at over 50 sites throughout the county and we finally decided that this site, the original site was the site that we needed to go with.” —Vincent Bono, Herkimer County Chairman

The jail is price tagged at about 40 million dollars, “A quarter percent sales tax was enacted back in two thousand seven so the property tax payer did not see an increase, the local property tax payer did not see an increase in their taxes. This is being paid for strictly by that quarter percent.”

The county will no longer pay board fees.

“At one point we paid 1.7 million dollars on one year to board out prisoners in other counties.”

The jail has 135 beds and with double bunking can have a capacity of 155.
Inmates are expected to move into the facility in just a few weeks.

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