Herkimer County Department of Motor Vehicles Reopened: Appointments Only & Limited Services


HERKIMER COUNTY, N.Y. (WUTR-TV) — Today was the first day since late march that Herkimer County’s Department of Motor Vehicles has reopened to the public.

It certainly is and it’s an exciting day for all of us. After being shut down for four months, it’s a new beginning.” – Sylvia Rowan, Herkimer County Clerk

Since their doors reopened at 8 a.m. the phones have been ringing off the hook. Now they’re trying their best to keep up with the workload piling up outside in the dropbox, the in person appointments and the endless phone calls.

“We’re receiving over 100 to 185 calls per day. And yet doing the transactions that are dropped off in previous week. It’s going to be a little hectic, it’s going to take time, but I know we’ll make it through it.” – Sylvia Rowan, Herkimer County Clerk

The public can only come inside if they called ahead or went online to schedule an appointment. Only a limited amount of appointments will taken each day. For now, staff are only working on anything that has to do with licensing. Everything else, has to go in the dropbox.

“If you need to take a test or, which would be a CDL test or a permit test, or a motorcycle test, we are allowing them to come in. At first i wasn’t sure because the commissioner had given us directions that we should take that at another time but i decided, along with the other clerks, to do it now.” -Sylvia Rowan, Herkimer County Clerk

The county is still waiting on approval from the state before they can fully reopen and expand their services. For more information please visit local.dmv.org and select Herkimer.

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