Herkimer Co. Man Threatens to Shoot Police

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An armed standoff between New York State police and oneHerkimer County man is happening in the Town of Columbia. Route 28 and Jordanville road are closed because of the standoff.

Captain Francis Coots of the NY State Police says they received a phone callaround 4 p.m. Monday afternoon from relatives of Donald Brown, concerned forhis safety. Captain Coots says Brown appeared to be intoxicated and distraught.

Donald Brown, who is in his mid to late 40s, has threatened law enforcementthat he will shoot police if anyone approaches his house.

At last check, the New York State police are still negotiating with Brown.  They have been negotiating with him over thephone for over four hours now.

“We do have reports that he has fired several rounds… Not at us… We have noreports of anyone being struck or any damage. It is a very sparsely populatedarea near his house and the only residence near his house has left thatresidence,” said Captain Coots.

Captain Coots says they have dealt with Donald Brown in past in a similarsituation. Police say they have also arrested Brown with a DWI in the past aswell.

The New York State police say this is a long process. They say they just wantbrown to surrender peacefully.

Captain Coots says they are not backing down and thesituation is in Brown’s hands.

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