Heavy rain causes flooding in Whitesboro


Around one o clock this morning, residents started to see flooding around the streets, their backyards and even garages.

“Me and my wife were in a hotel room in the area while our boys were at the house and I started watching the video from the Sauquoit Creek down the road. It just worried me a little bit, seemed like it was getting a little high so I drove down to like see how high it was. I saw the mayor down there and some other people and after a little while they decided it was time to evacuate.” -Brent Pyne, Whitesboro Resident

Pyne says he headed back home to his sons and packed up some of their belongings in his trailer that he parked at his wifes church. They experienced flood damage only in their garage.

“I feel very fortunate. Nothing came into our house, just in our garage. Nobody was hurt, you know everybody’s fine. So for me, I feel that’s fortunate, things can always be worse.”

Pyne and his family just moved to Whitesboro in April of this year from West Utica, “Our original intent was possibly to do something like an AIR BNB. while we were working on it, we liked the neighborhood even though their was a risk. we thought we would take that chance and decided to move from where we were at, this was a nicer neighborhood.

Flood buyouts have been a long time discussion and for many residents including Pyne are ready for a buyout, “After we had already purchased the property they started offering the buyouts so we were definitely interested if it is worth it for us.”

Pyne and his family are looking at other property.

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