Healthy New Year!


For The Fitness Mill, the new year means seeing new faces at the gym.

“This is one of the busiest times of year for us, we generally get a 40 percent increase, you know, up to that amount,” said Catrina Dibble, asst. general manager at The Fitness Mill.

According to Nielsen Media Research, staying fit and healthy is number one on the list of top ten New Year’s resolutions. Dibble said it’s typical for this to cause more people to get off their couches and head to the gym.

“After going through, even right up to Thanksgiving, it just kind of rolls into Christmas and New Year’s, and all the parties that people have been going to – the cookies they’ve been eating – it’s time to make a change and they’re ready to do it,” she said. 

But it’s not just about what happens while at the gym, it’s also about what happens when you put the weights down and head home.

“You can’t exercise away eating whatever you want,” said Sarah Inserra, registered dietitian. “It is a balance; it’s working together.”

Getting started is the hardest part, which is why both Inserra and Dibble said it’s ideal to set a goal to work toward. 

“When setting a fitness goal, you try to be realistic, and measurable. So when you’re looking at nutrition goals, you look at what could be realistic for me,” Inserra said.

“Don’t be intimidated by equipment, or that you don’t know something or that you haven’t taken a class before – just get [through] the door,” Dibble said.

Come February and March when you’re ready to hang up those sneakers and grab a bag of chips, Inserra said to continue focusing on the goal you set for yourself, and learn to make it a behavior instead of a task. 

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