Health Insurance Enrollment


UTICA, NY (WUTR)— If you don’t have health insurance, you can sign up for it next week. Open enrollment begins November 1st.

“We are trying to get as many people in Oneida County and in the Mohawk Valley enrolled into health insurance as we can,” ACR Health’s, Steve Wood, explained.

Everyone is eligible, but health insurance packages and premiums are based on income.

“If you have a lower income under $16,600, then you would qualify for Medicaid, which is free, very comprehensive insurance ” Wood stated. “If you earn less than $24,000, you would be eligible for the essential plan, which is $20.00. And then after that, it really depends on your family’s size and income.”

People can register for health insurance online at the New York State of Heath’s website, but Wood said it is much easier to get free enrollment help from ACR Health.

“In my department, we forget that people don’t understand what a deductible is, or a cross share, co-insurance, or maximum out-of-pocket, but get confused by this. We will walk you through the process.”

Oneida County residents are encouraged to make an insurance appointment with ACR Health.

“The healthier you are, the healthier your community is, the healthier the Mohawk Valley is,” said Wood.

Open enrollment ends on January 31st.

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