Health Insurance: Coverage Plans and Open Enrollment


Figuring out the right health insurance plan and assessing your need can be stressful. Some people don’t know where to begin or how to decide what will be the best fit.

“In my department we offer enrollment into health insurance on New York State of Health. So, insurance that you would pay for, also Medicaid, free insurance, child health plus, and the essential plan which costs $20 a month. Which is for lower income people who won’t qualify for Medicaid. They make just too much for Medicaid. It’s a lifesaver. Having health insurance increases your health obviously, it also increases the health of the community.” – Steve Wood, Director of Insurance Programs, ACR Health

In New York state open enrollment for healthcare plans happens every year from November 1st to January 31st. Insurance does not automatically rollover so you must enroll every year.

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