Harbor Point Project Update


UTICA, N.Y. (WUTR-TV) — In 2013, the city of Utica began planning a way to revitalize the inner harbor for year-round public use. Now, more than 7 years later, they’ve just completed restructuring the harbor walls.

“They were in such disrepair that when we first started they were redlined by the state of new york as an actual danger place. We started it last year but because of the floods that came on halloween last year we had to cease operations for awhile. Then we got into winter so they just finished it up recently.” – Vincent Gilroy, Chairman of The Utica Harbor Point LDC

The next step will be creating a road that connects wurtz ave and wells ave with a round-about. This will give access to the back side of the project, which will likely serve commericial and residential properties.

“We’ll pick a contractor and get them going, so this year that’s what you’ll see is the development of the road, the finishing of the road, hopefully weather permitting, and then on DSA1, which is in the back, we still have to lay down a layer of soil and let it settle for a year.” – Vincent Gilroy, Chairman of The Utica Harbor Point LDC

The 1917 and 1933 buildings are recognized as historical landmarks and will be the only structures that remain in this area. Gilroy says we won’t see any new buildings go up for the next couple of years.

“Next year, development stuff, you won’t even see. You know where architects and engineers are designing buildings and things, and then 2022 you’ll start to see the construction. That’s 2022, 2023, 2024. Hopefully we’ll have this part done.” – Vincent Gilroy, Chairman of The Utica Harbor Point LDC

You can submit thoughts and ideas for new attractions on their website uticaharborpoint.org.

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