Hanna talks sequestration cuts with DFAS employees

Hanna talks sequestration cuts with DFAS employees _-8297324900795793297

Employees of the Defense Finance and AccountingService or DFAS in Rome discussed the looming budgetary cuts known assequestration today.

Sequestration is a way for the federalgovernment to cut its future spending. Congressman Richard Hanna says it’s apotential threat facing our military. If the cuts take place as designed, CongressmanHanna says it can negatively affect our economy.

“You would see unemployment go up andeverything else. The estimates are that as many as 42,000 people in New YorkState alone would lose their jobs. That is why these people are rightfullyconcerned and that is why we are supported the bills in congress that we’ve hadto have a more thoughtful process,” said Congressman Hanna, (R)-24th District.

Congressman Hanna says cuts as much as $55 billionin defense spending can be enacted through sequestration.

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