Hands Free Texting While Driving Is Still Dangerous

Hands Free Texting While Driving Is Still Dangerous_-2038269018251704614

Most of us know texting whiledriving isn’t a good idea. But a recent study by AAA found that voice to textcan be even more dangerous. The study found that while you can keep your handson the wheel and eyes on the road using voice activation systems, it takes morecognitive power. It causes drivers to have “tunnel vision,” whereyou’re looking but not really seeing. The use of technology while driving hasbeen an ongoing issue, the regional manager of AAA says it takes a while forsafety to catch up with technology.

“I think once you have adriverless car then you’re not distracted anymore, the car’s driving itself. Ascrazy as that sounds, that’s probably going to be the future, so that might bethe ultimate adaptation to everyone using technology in their car,” saidEd Welsh, general manager for the Utica AAA.

Welsh says always pullover to send a message of any kind and consider installing a program thatdisables your phone while your car’s in motion to help break the habit.

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