Hamilton Orthopedic Running Readiness Report Week Two


It’s week two of the Hamilton Orthopedic Running Readiness Report and we’re helping you get ready and train for any race this summer including the big Boilermaker Race and I’m joined by runner veteran Cat Beck.  You’re going to share tips and tricks on how to prepare for such a big race.  What got you into running to enjoy it so much?

“I first started running when I was in high school and I really enjoyed it, but it wasn’t until college when my running career really took off.  I was an 11 time Division III All-American in the middle distance and distance events and post collegiately, running for the Central Park Track Club, New Balance in New York City, I went on to qualify for three indoor US National Championships in the 1,500 and the 3,000 meters.”

Obviously you have a lot of experience when it comes to running so what are the beginning steps when you set that goal that I’m going to run this race.

“When I approach a large goal, like say running the boilermaker, I would look to break the large tasks down into a set of smaller more manageable goals.  For example, I would set a target long run, so days where I want to go farther than normal and also set workout goals.  So days when I want to go faster, at race pace or a little bit quicker to sort of break up the training and to give me items to sort of check off a to-do-list.”

In terms of things to always keep in mind, you will have days that just feel awful, you will have off days, you may have an off week, but that’s all part of the process.  And that’s totally normal.  You just have to listen to your body and believe in yourself and believing in the goal that you set. 

So, thanks Cat for your tips from going from the couch to finish line for running this Boilermaker.  Join us next week as we talk stretching for the Hamilton Orthopedic Running Readiness Report.

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