Hamilton College Graduate Receives Marshall Scholarship


UTICA, N.Y. (WUTR-TV) — 24-year-old Marquis Palmer was born and raised in Utica. Growing up he witnessed his father and other loved ones fall victim to the criminal justice system, and knew that he wanted a different path for himself.

“So I decided to change my life and common wisdom said that in order to change one’s life, education might be a viable pursuit.” – Marquis Palmer, Marshall Scholarship Recipient

After graduating from proctor high school in 2014, he started studying philosophy and literature at Hamilton College. While there he was very involved in a number of organizations, including the Black and Latino Student Union, the Brothers Society, Student Assembly and many more. It wasn’t long before his professors noticed how much marquis was exceling so the college nominated him for one of the most prestigious scholarships for U.S. citizens.

“The Marshall Scholarship is a national scholarship that funds one to three years of graduate study in the U.K. It’s largely endowed by the British Government. It was a gift orginally to the U.S. from the U.K. Government in response to the Marshville Plan.” – Marquis Palmer, Marshall Scholarship Recipient

Only 50 graduates receive this award each year. After a long interviewing process, Marquis got the call that he won the scholarship.

“Immediately I just kind of froze up, you know she was like hey we’d like to offer you a Marshall Scholarship and I’m not exactly sure what I said at the time I just remember being stunned and taking it back.” – Marquis Palmer, Marshall Scholarship Recipient

Marquis leaves for England in the fall of 2021. He will study political thought at the University of London and criminology at the University of Cambridge. Marquis says with the right tools and determination, any one can accomplish their dreams.

“Recognize your capacity to change, recognize your values, your abilities and then tap in tot he resources around you. There are wonderful community organizations especially in a place like Utica that are there to help you.” – Marquis Palmer, Marshall Scholarship Recipient

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