Halloween Flood Buyout: $20 Million in Funding For Affected Residents


(WUTR-TV) — Congressman Brindisi and other local officials created a report to assess the damage of communities impacted by the 2019 Halloween flood. Last month they presented their findings to the USDA and FEMA, in hopes of getting residents a buyout.

“It took a team effort at the local, state and federal level but i’m pleased to announce that up to 20 million dollars in U.S, department of agriculture funding for Whitestown can be used to help homeowners devastated by this flooding.” – Rep. Anthony Brindisi (D) NY-22

This will give flood victims funds to relocate through aide from the natural resources conservation service. This agency works to helps people affected by natural disasters.

“Ultimately we would love to restore the flood plane to it’s original state along with addressing water quality issues and official wildlife habitat over time.” – Blake Glover, State Conservationist, USDA

As part of the flood relief efforts, the New York state DOT invested around $1 million for 5 new culverts at the Sauquoit Creek. This will re-direct more water flowing into the Mohawk river, and hopefully lessen the chance of future flooding. In the coming weeks, Whitestown and NCRS will host public meetings with flood victims.

“Within the next couple of weeks NCRS and the town of Whitestown, it’s project sponsor will be reaching out to impacted property owners with details about the flood plan easement program. Information will also be provided detailing how to apply for the program. The application deadline cutoff will be this fall.” – Shaun Kaleta, Whitestown Supervisor

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