Guilty Plea In Case Of Rape And Murder Of 11 Year Old Girl

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One of the two men charged in the death of 11 year old Jacelyn O’Connor in Chenango County almost a year ago has pleaded guilty. Tobias Rundstrom-Wooding was in court in Norwich Friday morning to plead guilty to Second Degree Murder and First Degree Rape. He will be sentenced in August.

Rundstrom-Wooding and his partner, James Brower, were both charged in the death of the girl, who was found dead in the trailer the men shared. O’Connor died of asphyxiation on July 30, 2017. Both men are said to have been working together in acts that resulted in O’Connor’s death. Rundstrom-Wooding was also accused of raping the child during the incident that led to her death.

Brower, who was also the father of the victim’s half-brothers, is still facing trial later this year in Chenango County Court on a charge of Second Degree Murder. The Chenago County District Attorney Joseph McBridge says that the terms of the plea agreement with Rundstrom-Wooding does not include the requirement that he testify against Brower.

Runstrom-Wooding had been indicted by a Chenago County Grand Jury on a charge of First Degree Murder, in addition to the rape charge. He will be sentenced on August 13th and is expected to get 20 years to life.

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