Griffo, others introduce student athlete compensation bills


UTICA, NY (WUTR-TV) — State Senator Joe Griffo, and other New York legislators, have introduced bills that would allow college student athletes to receive compensation for their name, image or likeness.

“Other states are beginning to address the issue like California concerns me because I don’t want New York State to be at a disadvantage here,” said Griffo (R-47th district).

California Governor Gavin Newsom signed similar legislation in September.

Griffo’s bill disallows colleges to uphold rules preventing athletes from getting paid, and would protect students’ scholarship eligibility.

In addition, the bill says the NCAA should not prevent these athletes from playing or block schools–where they play– from participating in intercollegiate athletics.

“What I am hoping is that we see a national standard…’ ‘…my preference would be the NCAA do it and not the government. But in the end, if it has to be, then it should be done nationally–not state by state” Griffo said.

Iterations of similar legislation have been introduced by Sen. Kevin Parker (D-21st senate district) and Sen. Jamaal Bailey (D-36th district).

Griffo believes movement on the matter may occur in the 2020 legislative session, come January.

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