Griffo Calls on State Liquor Authority to Rescind its Updated Guidelines


Last week Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that bars and restaurants now have to serve food with an alcoholic beverage. Some establishments created dollar menus and small plate menu items but on Tuesday the state said each party has to purchase a sufficient amount of food for each person.
However, New York State Senator Joseph Griffo says it is not the state liquor authority’s role to determine what are valid food options to be served at establishments.

“I think what the SLA did was unnecessary, unfortunate and they need to reverse this right now. They are not the people who tell you this is food but this isn’t food.” —Griffo

Griffo says the SLA’s role is to issue licenses and permits and ensure compliance with the alcoholic beverage law but by acting as food czar, it is hurting these businesses.

“I think you see a reaction from the governor and his staff right now that are basically bullying these establishments and it’s some for of retribution because they don’t like the idea that they got creative and said you know we’ll put on some appetizers and we won’t charge anything and we’ll still comply with this… “If you can sit and have a burger and a beer why can’t you sit and have chips and a beer?—Griffo

He says he will contact restaurant associations and organizations in the state to determine if they can pursue legal action if the SLA refuses to rescind its updated guidelines.

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