Grace Church’s Organ scholar performs for community in Utica

Grace Church's Organ scholar performs for community in Utica _-8943620274079645033

One area organ player performed for the community one lasttime before he heads off to college next month.

18-year-old Timothy Davis played the organ at GraceEpiscopal Church in Utica Friday night. Timothy started playing the organ inhis early teens through the Emily Clark Bink Organ Scholar Program.

Timothy plays the violin and piano, but he says the organ ishis favorite instrument.

“Reaching the pedals was not an easy thing and it was also anew concept to play with my hands and feet at the same time. It requires you toignore your brains mechanism of let’s do everything at the same time. You cando so much more with this. With violin you’re limited to 4 strings and acertain number of notes and piano you’re limited to 88 keys. An organ you’realmost unlimited with sounds, potential, everything,” said Davis.

Timothy typically plays for grace church every Sunday, butwill be attending Harvard University in the fall.

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