Governor Cuomo Announces 325 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations To Be Installed in NY

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Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced today that $4.4 millionhas been awarded to ten companies, municipalities and other businesses toenable more than 325 new electric-vehicle charging stations to be installedacross New York State.

New York State’s electric-vehicle charging stations aresupported by a joint effort by the New York State Energy Research andDevelopment Authority (NYSERDA)’s Electric Vehicle Supply EquipmentDemonstration Program and the U.S. Department of Energy.

With high gas prices, these vehicles provide afuel-efficient alternative to gas- and diesel-powered vehicles while helpingreduce the nation and state’s dependence on fossil fuels. A diverseinfrastructure of electric vehicle charging stations will create new jobs andbusiness opportunities across the state, as well as help promote the sale ofelectric cars, trucks and other vehicles.

Details on locations are still in progress but thegovernor’s office did release a quick summary of locations in NY below:

Access Technology Integration Inc. – Plans to installcharging stations with innovative reservation and payment systems at sevenlocations around the Albany area, including St. Peter’s Hospital,

 Albany-RensselaerTrain Station, Times Union Center, universities, supermarkets, and otherlocations. NYSERDA funding: $244,000.

Beam Charging LLC – Company will install a total of 28charging stations, each one in a separate public parking garage aroundManhattan, for the purpose of gathering data to determine how well suchcharging stations are used. $400,000.

Car Charging Group Inc. – Plans to install charging stationsat up to 15 high-traffic locations in New York City, directed toward apartmentdwellers who do not have parking at home. Sites would go in parking garagesthat are used primarily for monthly parking. NYSERDA funding: $200,000.

City of Rochester – Plans to install 24 charging stations atseven highly-visible and busy locations around the city, including municipalparking garages, City Hall, the Port of Rochester and the Rochester PublicMarket. NYSERDA funding: $228,000.

Coulomb Technologies Inc. – Partnering with National Grid,Coulomb will deploy 81 dual charging stations with Coulomb’s ChargePointsoftware. The technology will demonstrate a web-based demand response program,a new low-cost installation method and a customized reservation system. NYSERDAfunding: $1 million.

EV Connect Inc. – Plans to install EV charging stations atfive Marriott hotels around New York State that make use of a uniquereservation and payment system. Project would make it possible for overnightvisitors to charge their vehicles while staying at a hotel. NYSERDA funding:$250,000

Golub Corp. (Price Chopper Supermarkets) — Plans to install12 charging stations at four locations, each equipped with a weather canopy andlighting to make them visible. This is the first phase of an intended statewiderollout. NYSERDA funding: $325,000.

New York Port Authority – Plans to install sevenexperimental charging stations for fleet vehicles and public use that practicedemand-response (aligning charging times with times of low power demands,reducing charging cost and impact during peak demand to the grid). NYSERDAfunding: $720,000.

New York Power Authority -Plans to install 124 chargingstations at train and bus stations, airports and municipal parking lots. Threesites would be powered in part through on-site solar power. NYSERDA funding:$989,000.

Plugin Stations Online – Plans to install charging stationsat three apartment complexes in Albany, Rochester and Buffalo, as well as oneat Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy. NYSERDA funding: $64,000. ell ashelping promote the sale of electric cars, trucks.

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