Get Ready for the 43rd World Series of Bocce


Thursday kicked off the 43rd World Series of Bocce at the Rome Toccolana Club. Competition for the four day event begins Friday with the Championship taking place Sunday. When all is said and done over $30,000 in prize money will be handed out. 

It’s a tournament that draws international interest, as team as far as Argentina is scheduled to compete. While one might not doubt the sport’s international appeal, what people might not realize is it’s a sport that’s getting younger. “It’s becoming a young man’s sport, and a young woman’s sport” explained Toccolana Club recording secretary Michael Ferlo. “More and more young people are becoming members, and inevitably every board meeting, which we have monthly, we have four or five new members all under 30.”

“The other thing is, after a certain point, you know if you’re out of high school, and what other sport can you get into?” Chimed in David Fiorini, the club’s Vice President. “You play softball and stuff like that, but anybody can play this game and anybody can really win at any time. That’s what’s really fun about it.”

Competion beings Friday (07/15) at 5 pm. However both Ferlo and Fiorini added, if someone wants to see Bocce at its finest they should come back on Sunday.

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