Gas prices on the rise; NY State has highest gas price in nation

Gas prices on the rise; NY State has highest gas price in nation_8369113696246452127

You’ve probably noticed it, gas at the pump is getting moreexpensive.

New York State currently has the highest gas prices in thenation beating out California.

This time of year, Central New Yorkers normally enjoycheaper gas prices.

But, Ed Welsh of AAA says there are some economic factors toblame for the increase.

 “We’ve lost alot of refining capacity here in the northeast over the past couple of years.Hess just closed last week. They closed the jersey refinery permanently. Wewill source it from elsewhere but we will pay more transportation costs to getit here… A factor as to why gas prices are higher in Utica than rest of thestate,” said Welsh.

The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy is also another factor tothe increase in prices.

AAA says they don’t see the prices going down, but it’s tooearly to tell regarding how much it will go up.

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