Fully Vaccinated but Difficult Process


We finally have a vaccine and more people have become eligible but it’s not the two shots in the arm that is difficult, it’s registering to get them.

“It took like probably in total a few hours of my time, just like sitting in front of my computer whenever I had a few free minutes to you know search the appointments.” —Rachael Witter

Witter lives in New York Mills but scheduled her vaccine in Syracuse because her appointment was cancelled twice when trying to book with Oneida County’s Website.

“As soon as I got to the end, it either didn’t go through or it did go through and I got an e-mail not too long after that that it was cancelled.”

Thanks to her mother, she was able to get vaccinated, “I actually heard through my mom who is also an educator, she got hers through the Syracuse Fairgrounds. She sent me the link to that and she had gotten that from people at work.”

However, it has been unclear on what documentation is needed at appointment. Out of fear of being turned away, she printed out everything.

At the appointment, “The first time they took my driver’s license, they did take my W-2. I brought my school ID card too just in case they didn’t take that. As long as it said that I worked at a school district. And they did take the confirmation number that I printed out too.”

Going back the second time was seamless, she gave them her vaccination card and her driver’s license.

Witter did feel ill after receiving her second dose but a good nights sleep did the trick, “Now it’s like a few more days until I’m like fully protected but I feel good. It was worth it.”

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