From Parent Night to Carnival Night


Watson Williams School is taking parent night out of the desk seats and into the game room….with math games and interaction.  If you get an answer right, you win a prize.

“We have tried different scenarios, academic night and informational night and we felt that it was turn off for parents so what we decided we would do is make it a fun night and as you go around to the stations,” said Cheryl Minor, Principal.

For parents it was fun to get out for a night and learn more about what their kids are doing in school and meet the teachers on a more personal level. And making it fun was all part of the theme.

“this one has been a lot of fun, the kids are running around playing games getting their pictures taken cotton candy popcorn hot dogs they are enjoying themselves and on top of that they are encouraging the parents to play with them,” said Sabrina Wynn, parent of 5th grader.

Students got to show their parents what they are accomplishing in school all while spending more time with their classmates and friends.

“Well it’s fun because usually it’s just work and more work but tonight its a night you can just hangout with friends and play games,” Genesis Campbell, 6th grader.

For each station the students went to get an answer right they were given a Watson buck.  At the end of the night they could “cash” in their winnings and take home their prizes.

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