Fresh Air Kids Arrive in Utica


Sometimes we take our beautiful surroundings here in Central New York for granted. But a busload of kids from New York City is not. Sixteen fresh air children arrived today and were welcomed by host families.

From lakes and mountains to just having the space to run and play, our area offers an exciting experience for inner city kids. Away from cramped apartments and busy streets, these children will get the summer vacation they’ve never had.

Host families wait in excitement to welcome their guest off the bus from the big apple. Among them are Sandra Brundage and her son, who are carrying on a family tradition.

“When I was a child my aunt sponsored a fresh air child and I just thought that was a really nice thing for them to be able to experience and for us to experience,” she said.

One-by-one kids step off the bus into the sunlight, meeting their “new” families.

“We plan on going to the lake, we have a swimming pool, and we have a garlic farm so we have lots of things to do,” said Brundage.

They shake hands with kids who they’re sure to form a special bond with.

“Mostly want to teach him because I don’t think in the cities are used to gardening so maybe we could teach him a few things about that,” said her son, Max.

For the nearly forty inner city children that arrived today, this wasn’t just a bus but possibly a means to a brighter future.

And that future began for one child as he was finally introduced to the family who will give him an experience that could change his life forever.

“We’re so happy to meet Lorenzo. How do you feel, Lorenzo?” asked Brundage “Happy,” Lorenzo responded. “I’m hoping that they learn that people from different environments can get along and have fun and teach each other things about what they’re used to. Learn new things and hopefully Lorenzo will learn new things from us,” she said.

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