Forum For Housing Project Tonight


South Uticans To Express Concern, Officials To Weigh-In

A south Utica housing project is bringing many concerns from surrounding residents. A public forum was held on June 10th to discuss what the issues are.

A 60-unit apartment building is slated to be built on site of the former Sunset Avenue school. South Uticans showed up to a previous Common Council meeting to present concerns.

The Kelberman Center is the lead agency on the proposed 4-story housing project. Of the 60-units, 12 units will be for those with autism. The rest, are for lower to middle income individuals.

One of the main concerns from residents was that their input was not taken into consideration during the preliminary planning stages of the project.

The City of Utica says, based on the specific job type under state guidelines, public comment submission and review was not needed.

Eyewitness News reporter Ben Dennis has been following this story and brings us an update ahead of the forum.

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