Former Remington Employees Rally in Ilion


Former Remington employees gathered to turn up the heat on their former, now bankrupt company. Over the weekend , the United Mine Workers Of America announced that their employees were fired with no severance pay or accrued benefits.

“Old Remington, who I put my heart and soul into for nineteen years, decided not to pay us our severance, not to pay us our unused vacation time, and that’s wrong. They violated the contract, they breached the contract on us.” – Jeffery Madison, President, UMWA Local 717

Both leading candidates for New York’s 22nd District were present at the rally and they spoke to the crowd about what they’re doing about getting Remington workers the pay they feel they deserve.

“I’m calling for a Federal investigation by the National Labor Relations Board, into what’s happening here are Remington. These workers deserve their pay, they deserve their severance, and we need to get this new company in here soon, so they can start making firearms again. – Rep. Anthony Brindisi, (D-NY22)

Brindisi’s opponent, Claudia Tenney says she’s reached all the way to President Trump for assistance.

“The President’s team for back to me, we are working this through the channels to make sure that we protect UMWA 717 and the families who are dependent on these jobs.” – Claudia Tenney, Republican Candidate, NY-22

Both of the candidates agreed that this did not need to be a partisan issue. Tenney thanked Brindisi for being present at the event.

“Democrat, Republican, it doesn’t matter. What matters are the working people of this community, the union jobs that built this factory, the healthcare, the pensions, the safety, the wages of the workers in this community.” – Brindisi

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