Former Congressman Speaks Out: Exclusive with Brindisi: Part Three


Utica, NY (WUTR-TV), The 22nd Congressional Race was hotly contested with the final outcome not known until two months after Election Day. Now that some time has passed, we sat down with the former Congressman, Anthony Brindisi to hear his thoughts about his time as congressman , the election and what’s to come in the future. In this three part series, Eyewitness News uncovers it all.

After all is said and done, Brindisi says there are many lessons learned.

“I believe until a full investigation is done, we may still be learning more lessons about what needs to be done to clean up the Board of Elections, here in Oneida County and across New York State. but one thing is very clear, you have to have people running these offices who have experience in elections who have management and organizational skills. They have to be more professionalize than they have been in recent years. Hopefully that’s something that will change out of this whole process.”

There is now a new candidate for the democratic commissioner, “Sarah Boorman, who was my district director here in Utica, responsible for seeing our district offices. Apparently the democratic choice for the democratic election commissioner here in Oneida County. I don’t think there’s a better person that is suited for the role. She is someone who has been involved in elections, involved in petitioning, someone who has run in office. She was in charge of all of my staff here in the district, so she has management skills, she’s a good organized person and someone who I think could get in there and clean up the problems that we’ve had in the Board of Elections.”

This past year came the census which is done every ten years so changes will come in 2022 for the 22nd Congressional Seat.

“New York stands to lose at least one congressional seat because of population loss. So the lines will look differently for the election in 2022. Right now the state is just waiting to get the numbers from the census bureau as to what the population is so they can begin the process of redrawing the lines. What is very clear is that the 22nd District, this area, is going to have a different congressional district than it did in 2020.”

With that being said, Brindisi is undecided if he will run again in 2022.

“I have not ruled anything out. I really don’t know what my plans are for 2022 right now. In the short term I’m glad to be back practicing law, I’m glad to be spending more time with my family. I still want to give back. I’m only 42 years old and I believe deeply in public service so I still want to give back, but for me right now it’s too early to say whether I’ll run for congress again.”

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