Former Congressman on Serving 22nd District


Now a few years out of office, former Congressman Michael Arcuri says there’s always work to be whether in Washington, or working within the 8 Counties he represented from 2007 to 2011.

Arcuri says, “It’s not just when you’re working, it’s when you’re home and for us in this congressional district, it’s so huge. It’s bigger than the state of Connecticut.

The sacrifice of time with family is something that those at all levels of public service, and have said is the biggest toll. But besides the time and travel, what else is a factor? Arcuri says party differences have caused a slowdown in the effectiveness in Congress.

Arcuri adds, “I think both parties have this concern, that if they work across the aisle, then they’re going to help the other party, the majority party more successful. And if the majority party is perceived to be successful, then the party in the minority is going to stay in the minority.”

And in a few short years, the volatility of the media is what Arcuri says has changed Politics, not just in political advertising and debates, but through social media as well.

“So you can get up there and say some really outlandish things. And you end up getting more people to contribute your campaign, because you make it on the networks. We are I think in a transitional time, I think maybe people will look back on this in 50 years and say those were some strange times. Much like after the Civil War, certain times in our history things change dramatically and I think this is one of those times.”

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