Following her Dreams – Reannyn Weiler


While most kids are using their summer vacation to go to the beach and relax with friends and family. incoming Whitesboro freshman Reannyn Weiler is in the gym four times a week. Then again Weiler isn’t like most kids, she has dreams to represent her country on the biggest stage.

“You know I would like to go to the Olympic some day” Reannyn Weiler said with a smile. “So that will be a lot of training you know, but it’s a possibility I think.”

She’s now one year into reaching her goal. It’s a journey that started on pavement and a tip from a Olympian’s mom.

“We found out about the slider search that they have through Erin’s mom” explain Weiler. “It’s where you do down through like a road on wheel sleds, and maneuver through cones  and different obstacles.”

Once she was given a ticket to camp, they wasted no time getting her on the track; “My first time they kind of just push you down it and you kind of just have to believe in yourself and stay focused and stay calm.”

Although she got off to a simple start, her training quickly became more complex.

“Over the summer at our first training they worked, focused a lot on starts and paddling. But during the winter they also gave you a lot of corrections on certain turns and how to get the right lines going into it.”

She’s proven to be a natural. Selected as one of only 15 members to make the US Luge Developmental Team. Now that she’s gotten a taste don’t expect her to walk away.

“I just find it really kind of fun to go down” Weiler said with another big smile. “I really like the speed when you do it. And it is something new and it’s exciting.”

Reannyn Weiler is trying to raise $5,000 to pay for her luge equipment and training. If you’d like to contribute to her GoFundMe click here.

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