Flower Hill Farm


Nicole Pitt has always had a green thumb. With over 20 acres of land, she has turned her hobby into a business and the pandemic has helped it blossom.

“I did not anticipate the reaction to what I’ve been doing here. There is a huge demand for people who want local things. There’s a huge demand for local flowers. There’s a huge demand for local produce and I have more customers then i have ever anticipated.” —Nicole Pitt, Owner of Flower Hill Farm

While many businesses were forced to close their doors because of the pandemic, Pitt’s business took off.

“Mother’s Day I sold out completely. Every single bloom that I had, that I was able to pick, I was able to sell. I had a waiting list of people who wanted to get flowers just because there were a lot of places that are normally open that are not open right now. They weren’t able to get the flowers that they would normally go to but I was offering a delivery service and people were excited to use that.”—Pitt

So far she has been delivering tulips and daffodils because they are in bloom.

“We have 235 peonies that we put in the ground and all but two came up so that was really great to see. So they’re all forming buds right now. So those should be blooming in the next couple of weeks.”—Pitt

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