Flooding Mitigation Efforts for Utica: Where do we go from here?


UTICA, NY (WUTR-TV) — On Tuesday night, a meeting was held to discuss ways to improve flooding issues in South Utica. South Utica was an major area that was heavily affected by the October floods.

3rd Ward Utica Common Councilmember Celeste Friend held this meeting for residents at the Community Foundation of Herkimer & Oneida Counties. Federal, state, county and local officials’ representatives spoke to residents on what currently is being done to handle flooding issues on different government levels.

“I think people understand that there’s only so much that we can do… They understand that the rains come and we cant stop the rain but people want to know that their elected officials are putting their best foot forward in terms of if not, we can’t stop the floods but we can mitigate some of the damage when they do come,” says Friend.

Assistant Engineer for the City of Utica, Stephanie Wurz, tells those in attendance that we need to focus on the origin from where the water flows. Now, the City is working with the Town of New Hartford to fix and find solutions to flood mitigation.

“It seems like in the ‘now’ it’s not happening fast enough. We’ve been trying to be as knowledgeable as possible…” says Wurz. “We met with the New Hartford Town Supervisor, Rick Sherman, and he showed us all of the options of where the tributaries are that do come into Utica so we can all have a better understanding what is impacting us and how we can help it,” says Wurz.

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