Flood victims still waiting for answers


The Halloween Flood left many residents devastated, severe damages to their homes and even some were forced to move out. Karen Hughes, a Whitesboro resident, has lived on Sauquoit Street for over 70 years and this was her 11th flood.

Back in January, FEMA denied individual assistance to flood victims and Governor Andrew Cuomo appealed it.

“We don’t know what’s gonna be happening. Many of my neighbors have already moved. Some had to move back in temporarily but they plan on moving and which, I do as well. But in the meantime, because of FEMA, we don’t know what we’re at financially to move on, to start a new life.” —Hughes

A village wide meeting will be held for Whitesboro residents. The meeting will take place at Whitesboro Middle School at 7pm on February 27, 2020. Local, state and federal officials will be in attendance to discuss solutions to moving forward.

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