Flood Aftermath: Efforts to save a family business and a home


Area homeowners continue to fight off the flood waters. A family in Clinton trying to hold down the fort.

Mark Forrester has lost more than just his basement. His business is now on the line as the storm took most of that with it, too.

“Totally damaged actually most of it is. I have to replace everything. My construction tailor is under water so anything that’s inside of that is completely damaged, considerable,” Forrester said.

The Forrester’s property was covered with water and debris after the creek next to their house overflowed. Forrester said he and his neighbors have gone through this before but it’s never been this bad.

“To me it’s total devastation here. It’s the third time too I’ve had to re-fix everything so kind of just took my options so I’m going high ground,” Forrester said.

The Forresters have been working with friends and family to clean up the mess. But with an injury, it’s not easy.

“I got hit by a tree. As I was coming down my driveway and put me under water. Then my wife grabbed me and got me up onto the front steps.”

Despite getting hurt…Forrester remains positive about the future of his business.

“well, i just have to put everything on hold for now. I’ll rebuild, just a little bit at a time, so, that’s about all we can do with it. can’t quit now, been too many years,” Forrester said.

And he hopes the town will be able to help with the damage sometime soon.

“My neighbor across the road his house is going to fall in if we have another major storm. That’s definitely going to fall into the creek. I said this thing, I’m just waiting for this to collapse. so, it’s just, we have to do something down here,” Forrester said.

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