A family’s home was left destroyed after a fire broke out this morning on post road in Oriskany Falls. There were four occupants, two adults and two children, all inside the home during the blaze, but the call was made by a nearby delivery driver. Deputy Fire Chief Andrew Ecker said that due to bad cellular service in that area, the driver’s call was critical.

“This location has been pretty bad with cell phones so depending on what cell phone carrier they had, if they couldn’t get out to make their call then it’s hard for them. They’d have to go across the street and with a long driveway, you can’t get your car out. It takes awhile for someone to either run over and let somebody know. So it was a delivery driver that noticed it that got the call out.” – Andrew Ecker, Deputy Fire Chief, Oriskany Falls Fire Department

Oriskany Falls Fire Department was the first to arrive on scene and they were shocked by the size of the flames. With the help of several fire departments’ crews, they were able to put out the fire and transport the victims. All four occupants were able to make out of the home with minor injuries. None of the injuries were life threatening. At this time the cause of the fire is still under investigation.