Fire Crews Work to Fight Flames and Low Temperatures


2016 has shown us our first real look at winter weather this season,along side a large amount of structure fires.
Eyewitness news reporter Angie Pavlovsky sat down with local firefighters to learn more about how they take on the task when the temperature drop.

An emergency knows no season, and for fire crews taking on the flames in the winter it can be a tricky order.
Local fire fighters say there biggest issue is often with their biggest weapon.

“Alot of the time it’s an issue of water,the issue of getting water to hydrants if its froze like if it’s frozen, if it is leaking or whatever and we get there and we cant get the caps off because its frozen shut because there is water behind them. We do the best we can to prevent that by having a maintenance program with the hydrants um putting oil and grease on the caps so they are easier to get off.” Chief Robert Parese with the Little Falls Fire Department said.

Besides keeping the equipment warm- its about the personnel- making sure each fire fighter is safe from exposure and Chief Parese says there is only way to do it.

“Fire prevention thats the best advice, prevent the fires and we wont have to go fight them in the winter.” Parese said.

Chief Parese also said it depends on the region but most areas have fire hydrants spaced only 500 feet apart,that’s so crews aren’t left searching.

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