After their final debate, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump continue to trade barbs on the presidential campaign trail. Eyewitness News reporter Grace Fernandez brings us a closer look at how the bickering is affecting the decisions of local voters. We’re only 19 days away from one of the highest anticipated elections in history but after last night’s debate it seems that many could still be on the fence.

“Yeah I’m a little undecided, maybe I’ll vote third party- who knows.” John Mcgonigle a student at Hamilton College says he has no problem admitting his Republican stance within the walls of a liberal arts college but says he finds no comfort in either candidate. “Trump is making it really difficult on myself and I’ve talked to a couple other republicans here and they have an issue with them as well. And Hillary’s not making it easy either. They’re both sort of corruptible in their own manner.”
Some believe in voting for the lesser of two evils, “I’m a Clinton supporter because I’m not a trump supporter. The fact that he sort of is playing like it’s a game and i think it doesn’t show respect for our system and i really don’t think he has that much respect for our country,” said Hamilton College Student Matt Lebowitz.
A suspenseful game Hamilton College professor Sam Rosenfeld says is a grave breach of the norms of democracy. Rosenfeld said, “Political scientists who study democratization and state building would tell you that’s the antithesis of what you want to do to instill democratic norms the whole point is you shouldn’t be in suspense as to what a political actor is going to do in a peaceful transfer of power etc.”
Dedicated government student Dorothy Atkin-Mapes said it’s a great threat to democracy, “What’s so great about democracy is you accept whoever wins and you move on.”
Ronsenfeld said if this wave of disappointment is predominately made up of Republicans who don’t turn out to vote could result in devastating effects down ballot.
“The real question is can the republicans hang on to the senate and can the republicans hang on to the house which nobody thought was in danger,” said Rosenfeld.
While there are mixed reviews on who won this final debate, he says it’s quite subjective and we’ll really have to take a look at the polls in the following days.