Fill the Keg!


UTICA, NY (WUTR)— Saranac and The United Way are tapping into the holiday spirit with their brand new “Fill the Keg” Campaign.

“We’ve cut a hole in some of the legs from the warehouse and try to fill them up with donations from the community,” explained Kevin Sullivan, who works at the Saranac gift shop. “Anyone dollars or change they have when they come Christmas shopping, we are going to see if we can fill them up by the end of the season, and take that money and give it to our friends at United Way.

The kegs will be in two locations, one at the Saranac Brewery Shop, and the other at Saranac’s second location at the New Hartford Shopping Center.

The campaign does not have a set monetary goal, but it’s mission is to fill both kegs to the brim.

“We would take $10 Million if they would give it to us! We are just hoping that we can fill the kegs and get a strong campaign and turn it into something we can develop into a yearly tradition just like our Saranac Thursdays are in the Summer,” Sullivan stated.

The money raised will help 49 programs throughout the Mohawk Valley and the Greater Utica area.

“This is including 4 initiatives,” Kristyn Bucciero said. “Making sure kids are ready and on the right track for success starting at kindergarten, free tax preparation programs, as well as 211, and many more.”

The United Way is happy to once again work with the Saranac brewery.

“We’ve had a great partnership with the brewery for many years. Beyond Saranac Thursdays, they run a work place campaign, and their employees donate, they give their time through volunteering, so they are able to add to that,” Bucciero stated. “This opportunity for the community to get involved is another opportunity for us to partner with another local company for our charities here in The Valley and Greater Utica area.”

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