Fighting Over the Flyer

Candidates in the race for assembly district 119 are going head to head after flyers flooded the area this weekend. The flyer was sent out just after the start of petitioning for state and local primaries.
Buttenchon claims the ad goes against New York State Election Law.

"I just would like to see when information is brought forward that individuals would stand by it and state where it came from. I would just like to see the protocol being followed," said Marianne Buttenschon, a Candidate for 119th NYS Assembly District.

Protocol that, according to Buttenschon, should include a signature from whoever funds the flyer.
This one stating, "Marrianne Buttenschon said shes a democrat but doesn't act like one." Her opponent, Christopher Salatino, said on the state level, attribution is not required. A spokesperson from the Board of Elections confirmed this. She said credit is not necessary for campaign mailers.

"And if you can't understand and identify very basic rules and regulations, then maybe she needs to find another part of the community or another way to serve the community,' said Christopher Salatino, a Candidate for 119th NYS Assembly District.

Salatino said he created the ad to show the constituents what Buttenschon stands for. 

"Anybody that saw the piece, it wasn't negative--we just said, this is what she does--everybody should know, we spread her word. And if she doesn't like her word, then she should stay true to what her beliefs are," Salatino said. 

The flyer references an Oneida County Democratic Committee meeting, where Salatino alleged Buttenschon preached beliefs going against the democratic party. But Buttenshon admits she is a moderate democrat. 

"When you look at the Democratic plaform it talks about being open and fair to everyone--it talks about being giving," Buttenschon said.

Still, Salatino said you can't serve two masters.

"Everybody knows what your positions are but it doesn't fit in with the conservative party that has basically adopted her and that she now has the conservative endorsement, and you're a democrat--then maybe this isn't' the job for you," Salatino said.

Buttenschon told Eyewitness News she sent a letter to the board asking for an investigation, and they acknowledged that they got her message. 



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