Ferguson Verdict at 3:00pm

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Oneida County Court Judge Michael Dwyer has made his decision and will render his verdict Tuesday afternoon at 3:00PM. After morning closing arguments, Judge Dwyer gave both sides addition opportunity to convince him that Sarah Ferguson, accused of murder, manslaughter and assault, knew beyond a reasonable doubt that her half-brothers were seriously injured.

Ferguson is accused of beating Lucas and Christopher Leonard with an electrical power cord at the Word of Life Church in Chadwicks in October, 2015. Lucas died of his injuries. Christopher suffered serious internal injuries.

During testimony in the trial, it was established that Ferguson was one of the people that beat the Leonard brothers. The main issue in the bench trial seems to be whether or not Ferguson was aware of the extent in which the brothers were injured.

Following closing arguments, Judge Dwyer said that he wanted both sides to address the question of whether or not Ferguson acted with depraved indifference, knowing the extent of the injuries she inflicted and disregarding them. Dwyer and Oneida County District Attorney got into a spirited exchange over that issue before the judge stated that he was ready to render his verdict at 3:00PM.

Eyewitness News will carry Judge Dwyer’s verdict live on WUTR, WFXV and WPNY this afternoon at 3:00PM.

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