Feeding Our Veterans


Michael Beattie protected our country in the U.S. Navy but now his goal to educate it and turn a light to his fellow service members in need.

At 67 years young, Michael Beattie has seen it all, but recently he saw a site that left him somewhat unsettled.

” I traveled around the country last year in a camper and i got to see how bad first hand the problem is with hungry veterans and that prompted the idea to take some action.” Beattie said.

This navy veteran will now trade in his sea legs for a pair of bike peddles, moving 12 thousand miles across the country, raising money for Feed our Vets Pantry right here in Utica.

Much like the volunteers at feed our vets, Michael is donating his time for a cause close to his heart, but that’s not all he has given to make sure this problem is corrected.

” He actually said in his letter that he sold his house to fund this 12,000 mile bike trip, that’s dedication. 3 million hungry veterans in this country and he is stepping up to the plate. ” Rich Synek, Founder of Feed Our Vets said.

However, his main goal is much more than just adding a few cans to these shelves.

” It’s totally about raising awareness and i hope to make feed our vets pantry a household name throughout the country. ” Beattie said.

Beattie believes the trip should take about 5 months to complete, and he hopes to hit the road before April 1st.

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