FATS Training

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Just becauseyou’re a good shot doesn’t mean you’re a good cop. Officers goes throughcountless hours of training and part of that training can include firearmstraining simulator (or FATS). Captain Wayne Manolescu says, “Thisgets us to our next level off of paper where were talking, we are still givingcommands on the paper but we’re not actually having somebody playing a scenarioand saying put your hands behind your back and the person does it or they don’tdo it. We want to test our officiers, especially recruits we send them throughthis a lot to see all the stuff you learned in Disneyland that we’ve spoon fedyou we want you to put it to practical use now.”

                Although fats offers life-like scenarios, officers say it cannotreplace actual life situations. But it does have its benefits over sometraining methods.. Kyle Laitenberger says, “You can never take away the live firerange portion, this right here is great for inside and for tactics. You know Ithink you can get more out of here because there are more scenarios, you canrun all the scenarios in siminition but people are going to get tired of makingthem.”

                Officers say something called siminitions would be the next step intraining… That’s where officers use paintballs and act our situations buteven that isn’t perfect. “That’swhere you start getting your heart beating because that little paint thinghurts and you don’t want to get shot with it. And we do that as a last measurebefore they go out on the street. The only thing with that is the cost, thisfree of charge. I call Kyle and he says Wayne come down, I get the recruits inhere, get my officers in here and it’s free of charge.”

            The scenarios can be controlled to make the officer thinkon their feet and even as good as this experience is, it’s only part of thetraining process. “You still need the actual live fire training atthe range to your yearly evaluations as well as getting out there and makingsure your weapon works and feeling that actual live recoil.”

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