Families with Disabled Speak Out on Lack of Housing


Five Herkimer County families shared their personal stories this afternoon about the lack of residential housing for people with disabilities in our area.  Eyewitness News Reporter Nicole Todd was at Herkimer ARC and heard these stories first-hand. 

Marc, the statewide program “It Matters to Me” invited state legislators to hear firsthand how the lack of housing really impacts families and they want a change.

Family members opened up and shared the difficulties and worries of caring for their loved ones in the future.

“My heart aches everyday not knowing his future.”

Kyle is 25, seen hugging his mom robin after sharing his story with the room.  Kyle has been a part of Herkimer ARC almost all his life.  His mother hopes if she ever becomes sick and can’t care for him anymore he can stay local with his second family.

“He’s known the arc like I said, since he was 5 years old.  It would be devastating, overwhelming, to be with strangers that don’t know nothing about him.  Yup it’s been family here you know.”

A study from the University of Colorado, says around 54 thousand developmentally disabled in New York live with family members over the age of 60.  The concern is, as they age, how will they provide the appropriate care. If they can’t, who can? And will their loved ones stay in the area? 

“And the placements that are available within our county for the people that we support are able to be places right here in Herkimer County.  Just as any other county would want the people they support every day to be placed in their counties.”

The Herkimer ACR wants more money given for these residences in Herkimer county and throughout the state.  Reporting, Nicole Todd Eyewitness News.

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