Fall Report – Fly Creek Cider Mill


This week’s fall report brings us to Otsego County, this time at Fly Creek Cider Mill and I’m joined here by Bill. I think this is probably the fall destination in this area

Well thank you for the comment.

Its so awesome, so much going on here so tell us a little bit about everything you have here.

Well this is what we call our crunch time, so we have fresh New York state apples this weekend, we have 12 variety’s including northern spies which everyone has been waiting for and we’ll be making cider upstairs on our historic 1889 water powered cider press.

So cool and you have this whole big building with so much for sale in there its almost overwhelming, so what do you have?

Well luckily all our actives are inside so when the weather goes south we’re al inside here so we’ll be making cider on the weekends from 10 till about 2:30, we make cider that we sell to our costumers that are visiting today or this weekend and then we are also freezing cider, we’re open year round so we have self-frozen cider in the winter, spring and summer months.

So cool and there are so many little gifts and things you can pick up too, so what else is there?

Our 4 key products are apples, cider, cheese and fudge, we make over 10 thousand pounds of sweet butter cream fudge here on an annual basis. Our cheese is a extra sharp New York aged cheddar cheese and we do about 4 tons of that and other then that we’re like a little gourmet specialty food store with a lot of pride in New York products. We have apple sauces, dips, rubs and marinades, and this coming weekend we’ll be featuring our dry dip mixes.

So awesome, so if someone wants to head down maybe as soon as today or this weekend what are your hours like?

We’re open every day, 9 in the mooring till 6 at night and remember we are open year round so they can come in the winter, spring, and summer. We’re just 22 miles south of Herkimer in Fly Creek just before you go to Cooperstown.

Awesome, this is such a cool destination, thank you so much Bill. Thank you! 

Thank you for coming today!

Yea thank you! And to follow our entire Fall Report, all season long you can head to our website that’s cnyhomepage.com. more eyewitness news right after this.

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