F.X. Matt Brewery Going Green with $4 Million Expansion

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The largest brewery in New York has begun its new eco- friendly project.

The F.X. Matt Brewery is kicking off its $4 million dollar eco- friendly digester project this week.

The project at the F.X. Matt Brewery is officially underway and CEO Nick Matt says the project will improve Utica’s sewer system and the electrical grid.

“We are gonna take a load off of the county sewer system. We are one of the largest water users and therefore, one of the largest sewer users. In addition, we’re going to take a load off of the electrical grid around here because we’re gonna be generating 30- 40% of the power we need,” says Nick Matt.

The five 40- thousand gallon tanks will assist in the end goal of the project, converting waste water into electricity

“The buildings that were torn down were definitely in disrepair, as are a lot of the areas around now. The Matt’s have been very good in improving the whole area, not just here, the opposite side of the street too. Everything has really improved a lot in the last few years,” says David Kleps, project manager of Gaetano Construction.

And now that installation is underway, the Matt’s say they’re making sure eco- friendly stays a top priority.

“We’re gonna pay attention to what are the ecological aspects of it and really make it a green space park. It’s not only gonna make a nice appearing court street, but also very positive in terms of what it does for the city,” says Matt.

Nick Matt hopes the digester tanks will be up and running by the end of September.

The expansion will also include a green space park next to the brewery and the CEO hopes this will be completed by next Spring, just in time for the 2013 Boilermaker.

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