ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – This week on Empire State Weekly, the Biden Administration’s forgiveness of student loans has had an impact on borrowers and higher education. The administration’s forgiveness plan forgives ten thousand dollars of federal student loan debt, with up to twenty thousand dollars of forgiveness available for Pell Grant recipients.

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Jerry Inglet, a family legacy advisor & educational planner at Wilmington Trust, a division of M&T Bank, joined Solomon Syed this week. Inglet explains that while the debt forgiveness may help current borrowers it will also impact future college spending. He suggested this may lead perspective students to seek government loans instead of private loans, in the hopes of having debt forgiven.

Also this week, corrections official have reported an increase in violence against Corrections Officers and staff following the implementation of the HALT Act. The act is designed to limit the use of special housing units, exposes corrections officers to increased violence. Michael Powers, the President of the State’s Police Benevolent Association explains why they are campaigning to see the act repealed.

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