Election Ready


Among the common questions are Absentee ballots, which Democratic Commissioner Jordan Karp says voters have several options: either they can visit the New York State Board of Elections website, or call the Oneida County Board of Elections to request an absentee ballot, which either board can then mail you a ballot to you if you are eligible to vote in that election.
The Elections Board also wishes to remind voters that if registered to a party in a Presidential Primary, you can only vote within your party: meaning a Registered Republican can only vote for a Republican Candidate and not a Democrat or an Independent.
Included in State law is the ruling that you cannot change your party enrollment until after a General Election has passed.

Jordan Karp, the Democratic Commissioner for the Oneida County Board of Elections adds,
“New York State Law says that if you do it before 25 days before a general election, a general election must pass before that take affect. So if you want to change your party today, it doesn’t take affect until the Tuesday after the General Elections. So if I were to change my party today from Democrat to Republican, I would technically still be a Democrat until the Tuesday after the General Election in November.”

To find out where you can register to vote, or receive an absentee ballot you can find a link to the Board of Elections website now online at http://www.Ocgovboe.Net

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