ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10/WUTR/WFXV/WPNY)–The Blue Ribbon Commission released a report of recommendations emphasizing test taking isn’t the only way students can show what they’ve learned.

“If I have a student who has testing anxiety, I don’t want to just limit that student’s ability to have other ways of showing their talents, their intellect, the way that they observe learning and demonstrate learning,” said Betty Rosa, Education Commissioner.

One recommendation was to transition to one diploma with the option for students to add seals and endorsements.

Reporter Jamie DeLine asked Education Commissioner, Betty Rosa, if the seals would represent advanced courses some students decide to take.  

“We may create additional seals like a financial literacy seal,” said Rosa. “Definitely the civic. We have some of the seals already there. What we want to try to do is a seal in the arts– that these are celebrated as part of when you think about the diploma and the seals, these will enhance, the knowledge that these particular areas have accomplished.”

The department’s deputy commissioner, Angelique Johnson- Dingle said it’s all about flexibility. 

“The commission was very intentional about wanting to allow student choices as far as their interest within their course work,” explained Johnson-Dingle. “Leading people to pursue paths that they are passionate about that spoke to their strengths ultimately.”

 At this point the recommendations are just that— recommendations. The education department will look at what each item entails and will then develop a plan as to how it can be implemented.